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Bruno Faiotto is a brazillian graphic designer currently focused in the craft of 3D. He has a strong interest in create contemplative eye-catching imagery, that takes the viewer to an almost surreal world but yet possible and tangible.

After graduating in graphic design at Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP) in 2019, at the beggining of 2020 he returned to São Paulo and worked as a graphic designer at studio Rebu for a year and after that started his carrer as a full time freelancer.


Avon, Adidas, Vevo, Dify, Mutant, Tidal, Nubank & others.

Worked with

&Walsh, PORTO ROCHA, Koto, Play Studio, Polar, Rebu, Dirty Work, Barca & others.


Instagram, Behance, Linkedin, Working not Working & Spotify.


2020 - Mascarada
2019 - Platarô


2021 - Type Director Club 67
2021 - LAD Awards(1, 2)

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