VTRENDS 22 "Eficiente"

VTRENDS it's a trend guide published by the textile company Vicunha. In 2019, along with Leonardo Bortolussi, we developed illustrations of futuristic and synthetic scenarios, that were later added as backgrounds of some photos from the photoshoot that illustrates the article "Efficient", from VTrends's 22th edition, and also one of its four covers.

Partnership with Estúdio Ally Fukumoto

Client: Vicunha
Year: 2019

Photograpy: Adriano Damas
Art Direction & Graphic Design: Estúdio Ally Fukumoto
Style:: Victor Miranda
Beauty: Vale Saig
3D: Bruno Faiotto & Leonardo Bortolussi
Journalist: Luíza Karam
Models: Elle Maciel, Giovanna Lannes e Thiago Idehara

© Bruno Faiotto 2021